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Coach Reimbursement Program

logo_new_smBelow describes the information required by each Head Coach on a Victor Soccer Club Travel team to be completed in order to qualify for the coaching reimbursement program.

Step By Step Program

Please review each of the areas described below. All of these (A-D) must be completed in order to receive the reimbursement value. Completed documentation should be uploaded into the Google Drive folder for your team provided using the link below.


Proof of Completion will evaluate to $125 of reimbursement.
Provide proof of all modules will equal $500 reimbursement at the end of the season.

(A) US Soccer Licenses

ALL Head Coaches
Introductory Training
Grassroots 4v4
U9-U12 - Grassroots 7v7 or 9v9
U13+ - Grassroots 11v11

How to Take Training
Where to Take Training

All New Head Coaches will be required to take these courses

**submit certificate of completion below.
**Will only be reimbursed once per coach unless higher level training obtained.



(B) Mandatory Soccer Clinics

In order to qualify for this program it is mandatory you attend at a minimum 3 of the soccer coaching clinics hosted by DOC Shawn Griffin

**Attendance will be taken at the Start of each of these sessions. You must be present to receive credit of completion.


(C) Mandatory Coaches/Player Meeting

Please plan to host a mandatory parent meeting before, during or after one of your scheduled practices to discuss your coaching philosophy and review the style of play we plan to be working together on to improve for the season.

VSC Parent Meeting Template


**Submit completed parent meeting documents below.




(D) Attend Mandatory RDYSL Coach Meeting

Attend the Mandatory RDYSL Coach Meeting

RDYSL Calendar of Events


Need a Soccer Drill?

Check out the video list of soccer drills setup for you by Age Group on our very own You Tube Soccer Playlist.

Victor Soccer Club
Travel Soccer Coaching Clinics

logo_new_smWhat technical skills should I be teaching my players? When do I start teaching tactics to my team?What goals are realistic for my players to achieve by the end of the season?

We collected all of the Coaching Clinics that have been presented throughout the years by Director of Coaching Shawn Griffin.

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