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What’s New for Summer Recreation 2018?

New Season Start Date

We will be starting the season 3 weeks later than our normal season date. We are hoping that pushing the start date out to June 18th that many kids that participate in Baseball and Lacrosse will now be able to register and participate in Recreation Soccer

Early Bird Registrations are Well… Earlier

We have opened registration for the Summer Program from March 1st to February 1st. So please spread the word to take advantage of the $25 Early Bird Discount!

Two Games Per Week

We tried to add more practices last season by replacing games with practices and think it worked ok for some teams, but it also did not for many coaches and teams as well. We would like to try to move back to the 2 games per week schedule. Instead we will add a 30 minute practice BEFORE each game.

Practices Before Each Game

For the 7-8, 9-10 & 11-12 divisions we will be making some small adjustments to the game length and adding a 30 minute practice BEFORE each game. We will follow each practice with a game against the team. Each team with play twice a week and will practice twice a week as well. We can provide coaches with practice ideas and we also have coaching resources available under our Coaches Corner section located HERE

Integrated Online Registrations and TeamSnap Rosters

Victor Soccer Club has fully integrated our player registrations with TeamSnap. What does this mean for you? It means no more Team invitations that will need to be accepted to join a team. Once registered, VSC Soccer Director will place each child onto a roster. You can check your team information, registration information and all items related to your account on your TeamSnap account. Simply go to TeamSnap.com and login using the same information used when going through the registration process.

We have gone Mobile

There is a mobile app version for TeamSnap that makes it so easy to keep track on game schedules, receive updates and game reminders, and let coaches know your child is planning to attend a game. The TeamSnap app is available on your iPhone and Android device. Download it today!

No Check Payments this Season

The Victor Soccer Club will no longer be accepting check payments for online registrations. Due to the time spent waiting for check payments and making sure payments have been received we will only be accepting credit card payments for online reservations. If you need to pay by check please make sur to contact us at victorsoccerclubinfo@gmail or call and leave a message at (585) 364-1702.

NEED HELP? Call or Text (585) 364-1702

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