2023 Travel Evaluation Information

New to 2023 we would like to communicate we will no longer be holding TRYOUTS. We will be holding EVALUATIONS instead. We are making this update to the terminology because the Victor Soccer Club Board of Directors want to make it very clear that we are not in the position to tell a child they cannot play the amazing sport of soccer we all love. Our club is making this change in hopes by hearing the term "evaluation" everyone will understand all we are doing is reviewing skill level to determine placement on a team. Hearing the term "Tryout" can be daunting and in some minds may be interpreted that they may be cut from a team. This is simply not our Mission as a soccer Club and as such are changing the terminology to EVALUATIONS!

The 2023 Season Travel Evaluation Schedule is in the works!
Specific times for gender and age level will be posted soon but please save the dates!

U9 - U12 is September 10 & September 17



Dryer Road Park (up the Hill) Fields #1 & #2
There will be check-in tents so please check in before the Evaluations.