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Partnering with D1 Training

We are honored to announce we will be parterning wth the D1 Training located in Fairport, NY!

At D1, we believe in training the entire body as a unit to produce optimal human performance.  No gimmicks, no fads; we utilize trusted and proven training techniques used to build the world’s best athletes and deliver them in age-appropriate programs led by our expert, degreed coaches.  Nothing as D1 is random.  Every workout, every day, follows a strategic 8-week training cycle that is meticulously planned and backed by sports science.  We offer goal oriented programs for all ages from 7 to adult ranging from general fitness to high level and professional athletes.   Our mission is simple: To inspire and equip our athletes to be their best.

George Johnson - Owner D1 Training

2022-10-03 15_34_06-Rookie Training Program _ Athletic Training _ D1 Training

Ages U8/9 thru U11
$12.50/session x 16 sessions = $200/athlete
Open Slots: 24

2022-10-03 15_33_47-Developmental Program _ Fitness Training _ D1 Training

Ages U12 thru U14
$15/session x 16 sessions = $240/athlete

2022-10-03 15_36_01-Strength & Conditioning – Victor Soccer Club

Ages U15+
$16/session x 16 session = $256/athlete


D1 Training
25 Parce Ave., Suite 115
Fairport, NY 14450

Time slots for both groups:
Rookies (ages 8-11): 7:20p - 8:20p
Devos (ages 12-14): 8p - 9p
Preps (ages 15-18): 8:20p - 9:30p


  • Rookies will be split up into 2 groups of 20 with 2 coaches and an assistant running each session.
  • Devos and Preps will be split into 2 groups of 12 each with one coach per 12 athletes and an assistant supporting both groups.
  • Prep group will be 1:10 minutes to give a little extra time for recovery during more advanced lifts in the weight room.
  • Each group will participate in pre and post strength, speed and agility testing.


Please send us an email, text or call. We will be happy to answer any question you may have.