Micro Soccer 5U-6U BOYS & GIRLS

Micro Soccer

Our goal for the Victor Soccer Club is to provide a fun and safe environment to learn to play soccer through age appropriate activities and small-sided soccer games.

Micro Soccer is a program that includes age appropriate activities involving games or activities where all the players are involved and the activity is appropriate for the player’s age group and development. Children need to be successful to learn. Asking a 6 year old or younger player to play a position or formation is setting them up for failure. They do not have the technical or cognitive ability to play a position successfully.

Summer Micro Soccer will take place either on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. Dates and times are determined prior to the start of  the season and are set by the program director.  The season for summer micro-soccer is the same as the season for the Summer recreation program (Approximately the first week of June through the end of July).

Dates: June Thru July
Location: Pumpkin Hook Park
Fee: $100

Fall Micro Soccer
will take place on Sunday morning/afternoons for one hour. Dates and time are determined prior to the start of the season. The season for fall micro-soccer is the same as the season for the Fall recreation program (Approximately mid-September through the end of October).
Dates: September & October
Location: Pumpkin Hook Park
Fee: $100
Format/Style of Play

A large group of players will be split into several smaller groups. Each group will be lead by a coach who has a specific skill to teach at that station. Every player will get the same instruction/activities followed by a small sided game at every session.  All players will receive a Victor Soccer Club uniform. Shin Guards are required as well as socks that cover the shin guards. Cleats are not required but encouraged on the grass fields.

This program cannot run without student & parent volunteers to help our coaches each session. You can sign up to volunteer when registering your child. If you have any specific questions about this program please contact us today.