2020 Fall Recreation Soccer Format



Pumpkin Hook Park

Game Days:


Game Times:

Will be Communicated

Game Styles:

Players may arrive no earlier than 10 minutes prior to the start of their designated time.

The first 20 minutes will be time for the players to warm up.

The next 10 minutes players will be broken into teams, assigned a coach, and field.

Lower field games: 4 v 4 with no goalie – two, 30-minute halves*

Upper field games: 5 v 5 with a goalie – two, 30-minute halves*

If not enough players for 4 teams (3 teams): a round robin style play with teams playing 20-minute mini games against each other.  The not playing team will be permitted to practice at the lower field 


Team Selection:

The Director of the Program, or Designee, will be responsible for breaking players into teams.

A volunteer coach/parent will be assigned to each team by the Designee to act as the coach.

*Teams will play and at the half the Director/Designee can use their discretion to adjust teams as he/she feels fit to create a balance and or move two teams to different fields.  The goal is to have balanced teams.


Parent Involvement:

Parents/Spectators are invited to watch their children participate in these scrimmages at their own discretion. These are scrimmages and not serious games.  There are not set teams and players will be playing with different players every week.

These are scrimmages/practice games, the designated “referee” is here to maintain control over the game and spectators and is not expected to make every correct call.   

Parents may volunteer as a coach for the entire season or for just one game.

Only 2 spectators per player are permitted. 

Spectators may only be located on the outer sidelines and must remain at least 10 feet away from any sideline.  The interior sidelines between the fields is reserved only for the players, coach, and designated officials.