The Victor Soccer Club Board of Directors would like to thank you for your patience waiting for communications from us regarding the 2021 Travel Season. Our Board Members met on 7/28 and with great excitement we have decided we will be moving forward with a 2021 Travel Season. We want to bring Soccer back to Victor and are making arrangements with needed protocols, policies, and with Return to Play (RTP) guidelines in place so we can ensure when we do start to practice/play it will be a safe environment for everyone involved.

Tryouts & Registration

Due to Covid and because we did not have a 2020 Travel Season and coaching staff, players and board members have worked very hard on tryouts for the 2020 season the Board of Directors have decided to forgo tryouts for all returning players currently on a 2020 roster for the 2021 season. We will still require all returning players to register as soon as possible and submit their registration fee as a commitment to playing in the 2021 season. Any new players for existing teams will be placed on a waiting list and will determine roster availability for each team once registrations are complete. Evaluations may be needed based on roster numbers for new players and we will be sure to communicate these plans once we are able to understand availability. It is very important if you are a current rostered player and plan to return for the 2021 season you MUST register and commit to your roster spot. Failure to register will result in losing that roster position.

Registrations will open Saturday, August 1, 2020! A registration link will be available on our website Registration Tab and an email will be sent with registration information. The registration fee will remain $30 and is required to purchase insurance and registration through NYSWYSA.